Experienced Trip Leader; Powder Lover

I joined the Bank in 1971 and have been an active member of the Ski Club Committee since 1972 including several stints as Club President. In the early days we did mostly bus trips on the East Coast. These were extremely social and the club developed a strong following of regulars and some are still active to this day. After the deregulation of the airlines in the 80s we started to run trips more to the Rockies and included an European option. There were very few trips I did not go on! Gradually through investment in hours of lessons, and the encouragement of people I met through the club, I improved my skiing ability. I have become both a bump skier and a powder hound – the latter extending to my passion for heli-skiing.

Skiing is a sport which encourages camaraderie. By joining a group trip, you benefit from arrangements which are taken care of by an enthusiastic trip leader. Experiences are shared and stories are created. Friendships are made which don’t just stop at the end of trip. Importantly too, there is no hierarchy and shop talk. I count the club as an important part of my life.